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Tom Keaton

What is your current role and responsibilities with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

I currently serve as the Treasurer for the foundation. In this role, I manage donations, foundation expenses, but most importantly, ensure that our scholarships are distributed to our deserving families. 


Why did I get involved with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

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With two of my three sons heavily involved in hockey, the burden of such a commitment impacts families both with their day-to-day schedule and certainly financially. While the cost of playing for an organization gets most of the attention, the added expense of equipment for seemingly nonstop growing children, uniforms, and travel expenses like gas, hotel and certainly food all add up quickly. These additional expenses can be a heavy burden on a lot of families and discourage or prohibit children from picking up or even staying in the game. Finances should never be a barrier to entry to any youth sport and being able to help drive the mission of AGF to support our hockey community was an opportunity I could not pass up!


What is your professional background and how does it translate to the Assisted Goals Foundation?

For the past 20 years I have worked in the financial and accounting sector while also working with several other non-profit organizations. Levering that experience, I can help ensure that your donations are used to provide the maximum benefit to our hockey community. 


Tell us something about you?

I am a Pittsburgh native where my wife and I spend most of our time at rinks or fields with our three sons. We are avid travelers (and not just for hockey tournaments) and spending as much time as we can outdoors. 

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