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Kevin Slogick

What is your current role and responsibilities with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

As a member of the board of directors and Vice President of the Assisted Goals Foundation, I have a lot of different roles and responsibilities.  However, I am mostly responsible for overseeing

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day to day operations of the Assisted Goals Foundation, which include strategy development for passing out scholarships, helping manage donations, and ensuring all day to day operations within the Foundation run smoothly.

Why did I get involved with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

I don’t have any hockey background as I have never played the sport myself, however I have two young boys who have been involved in youth hockey for years now and it has become a passion for my family.  Over the years I have learned of the great benefits that come from youth hockey, such as a fantastic exercise and building character and discipline in children.  I also understand that family income is the biggest factor in allowing kids to continue in sports.  This is why I got involved in AGF, as a hockey parent I get to spend a lot time with other hockey parents during practice, games, and travel to other cities.  While talking to parents over the years it has become very apparent that the price of hockey is the biggest factor in allowing their kids to play.  I feel over the years I have become a hockey parents voice for the board and given the mission of the AGF my goal to help alleviate the financial burden of hockey.


What is your professional background and how does it translate to the Assisted Goals Foundation?


Over my 20 plus years in business I have learned a lot about people and have had the good fortune of allowing my kids to play sports including hockey.  As a current business owner of an Insurance and Financial Service organization I have the opportunity to take what I have learned and help develop AGF into an organization that will benefit everyone and truly allow hockey to be for everyone.


Tells us something about you?


I am a parent of two young boys who love hockey.  Growing up in Western PA on a dairy farm I never had the ability to play a sport like hockey growing up.  I feel fortunate that I can do this for my kids and I want them to have an opportunity in a sport that I never had.  Because of my experiences as a kid and now as an adult I want all kids (not just mine) that want to play the wonderful sport of hockey have that opportunity.

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