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Amy Mauk

What is your current role and responsibilities with the Assisted Goals Foundation?


I am involved in media, marketing, promotional and event areas with the Assisted Goals Foundation.


Why did I get involved with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

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My family doesn’t have a background, but my oldest son fell in love with the sport when he had an opportunity to do a Learn to Skate right before he aged out of it.  Within a few short years he has dedicated much time and effort to this sport which he loves and it has hooked me as well.  I support the core mission of the foundation because when you have a child that has passion for something but may not be able to support them financially it can be heartbreaking.  


What is your professional background and how does it translate to the Assisted Goals Foundation?


I currently work as the Events, Promotions and Marketing Manager at Audacy Pittsburgh.  I have worked in media for 25+ years and am grateful for my opportunity to work in a field that I love.  My skills lie in connections, organizing, planning and making things happen.  I  am excited to share those skills with the foundation.


Tells us something about you?


I love to swim, run, read and travel.  When I am passionate about something I put  my heart and soul into it.  My husband and I live in Bell Acres with our two young boys.  One loves hockey and the other is an artist and I love being able to support them in their passions.

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