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What we value in our partners

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"Now we’re on a mission to bring high-end products that deliver the best experiences and opportunities, laced with the culture of hockey to more people around the globe. The sport has always been cost-prohibitive but, we’ve set out to change that. The chance to play one of the greatest games in history doesn’t have to be so expensive."

Conscious Mind Athlete is a sports performance program designed for self-improvement in both sport and life. The program is specifically designed to empower world class athletes, leaders, knowledge seekers and anyone willing to learn the secrets behind Conscious Mind Athlete!

Reflecting back on history we as people of color have had to work collectively and strategically in order to propel future generations forward. Inspired by the notorious underground railroad system which was a network of passageways and people that led many slaves to freedom during the antebellum period in America, we created a digital network in hopes of making it easier for present and future players to navigate through hockey.

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