Jason Mertz

Board of Directors

What is your current role and responsibilities with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

As part of the Board of Directors for The Assisted Goals Foundation I wear many hats. I work with the rest of the Board of Directors to market the foundation by helping to find candidates and promote the objectives of the foundation. My primary responsibilities are to find venues to hold events to promote AGF and help to identify candidates to fulfill scholarships or grants the AGF is willing to provide.

Why did you get involved with Assisted Goals Foundation?

I have been involved with hockey for over 30 years both as a player and a coach. I got involved with Assisted Goals Foundation by coaching with President/ CEO Buddy Snyder, VP Kevin Slodgick his son Johnny, Andy and son (Asher) Corey (and his son Jay), Lee and his daughter (Penelope). We have all coached together and know the love that our kids have for the game of hockey. We are lucky that our children are able to play the sport they love, however not all kids have that opportunity. As a parents and coaches, all we want is for kids to be able to fulfill their dreams. I am a 1 income family and I know how much hockey costs. Like everything else, the costs have gone up from when I started playing hockey 25 years ago. From sticks to skates to uniforms to ice time it becomes very expensive. I see Assisted Goals Foundation as a blessing for those that want to play hockey and cannot because of monetary reasons. Our vision is to be able to help fulfill these kids dreams to play hockey if it’s something they love but cannot afford it. I am a firm believer that all kids should get the opportunity to try hockey and not be restricted because it’s too expensive. At Assisted Goals Foundation if your kid wants to play, wants to have fun, and has the work ethic to succeed, the door shouldn’t be shut. For any family that has a child that wishes to play but has a hard time due to finances, that’s why I am here, that’s why Assisted Goals Foundation is here to help!

What is your Professional background and how does is translate to the Assisted Goals Foundation?

My professional background is that I have Master Plumbing License in Allegheny County. I also have a B.S. in Business from Duquesne University, in which I use for my family plumbing business, as well as, consult with other companies. It translates to Assisted Goal Foundation because my number one passion is the game of hockey. Coaching kids whether it’s through business or hockey and helping them to excel to their highest potential brings me great pride. Being part of Assisted Foal Foundation allows me to deliver all my knowledge, strong work ethic, passion and integrity to help deliver an amazing service through Assisted Goals Foundation. As a plumber and a parent, my job is to help people/kids in need. Assisted Goals Foundation is the future of hockey for those in need that wish to follow their dream. When you have a kid that falls in love with the game of hockey, that child becomes a player, and at AGF no player gets left behind.

Tell Us Something About You

I love the game of hockey. I am a father of three boys, two are currently involved in ice hockey. One is enrolled in 8U ADM, the other plays Squirt travel hockey. My youngest is only four, he spends most of his time at the rink watching his brothers. I am sure it’s just a matter of time before he is ready to lace up the skates! My wife Renee is a stay-at-home mother, she played softball in both high school in college. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Westminster College. We both enjoy playing and watching sports very much and stay busy running around with our children to baseball and hockey. In the summer, we enjoy staying at home playing with our boys in the backyard and eating a good BBQ.

Jason Mertz