Buddy Snyder

CEO and President, Board of Directors

What is your current role and responsibilities with the Assisted Goals Foundation?


  • Ensuring the organization’s activities are compliant and in furtherance of its mission

  • Leading, managing, and developing the organization’s employees, volunteers, and organizational culture

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing the organization’s programs (including their impact)

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing sound and compliant financial management practices (including budgeting)

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing sound and compliant fundraising practices

  • Developing, informing, and supporting the board and the board committees to carry out their governance functions

  • Partnering with the Vice President to help ensure the Board’s directives, policies, and resolutions are carried out.

  • Working with the development staff and Chair of the Board in cultivating and soliciting major foundation grants and individual gifts

  • Developing and maintaining beneficial relationships with donors, funders, supporters, collaborators, allies, vendors, and other stakeholders

  • Ensuring effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities

  • Championing the organization and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders

  • Keeping informed and the organization’s leadership informed of significant developments and changes in the internal and external environment

  • Leading the organization’s planning processes

  • Ensuring legal compliance (including all required filings) and sound risk management practices

Why did I get involved with the Assisted Goals Foundation?

For the longest time, I’ve always had a sense that the playing field in the game of hockey wasn’t always level. Growing up, I’d watch my parents make sacrifice after sacrifice to keep me on the ice. As a coach, I’d work with families who were forced to have to do the same. Now, as a hockey parent myself, I’ve directly experienced this burden trying to keep my child on the ice. As a lifelong hockey enthusiast, I’ve struggled to watch our great game continuously fall behind in participation numbers simply because the cost to play is such an overwhelming inhibitor of participation. The trickle down effect to this growing problem is overwhelming, and in many ways significantly limits the opportunity for diversity, inclusion and overall sustainable growth to the game. My goal is to promote a new way of presenting our game to the consumer, making it an exciting and affordable option for families to participate in and enjoy. I want #hockeyisforeveryone to be an exclamation point to the organic growth of the sport instead of a convenient, hollow PR hashtag to promote the false growth of the game.

What is your professional background and how does it translate to the Assisted Goals Foundation?

As a registered Level 4 USA Hockey Coach with 17 years of experience coaching at all ages and levels, I have had the privilege of working with countless families and players over the years. Professionally, my 11 years of sales, management and business development experience in the corporate world have allowed me to combine both my love of the game and my professional experience into serving our hockey community and working to ensure our mission to provide solutions to the hockey’s financial accessibility gap is served.

Tells us something about you?

My passion is to use the game of hockey as a platform to empower our kids to not only become avid hockey players, but to learn the value of being part of a team and using the lessons learned from playing the game to become even stronger human beings in life. I believe hockey has a bond with its participants unlike any other sport, and I consider it an honor to have a role in passing on the love of the game to anyone that has an interest.


Buddy Snyder